Kinney's Complete Auto Repair is grateful for your business.

It appears that Corona virus will be a part of our lives for a while, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the individuals and families affected by the virus. Please know that Kinney's Complete Auto Repair is doing everything we can to stay on top of this developing situation.

To help everyone remain safe, Kinney's Complete Auto Repair is focused on the best practices: our staff has a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, our staff will not be offering to shake hands, and we will ask that our employees maintain a large social distance from others when working on your vehicle. We also are requesting that our interaction with the customer to be kept at a safe distance. We will be disinfecting keys, steering wheels and any other contact surfaces before working on your vehicle, also after completing repairs we will disinfect again all contact surfaces as we hand vehicle back to the customer. We also are keeping the waiting room and restroom disinfected through-out the day.

Thank you, we are grateful for your business and continued partnership with Kinney's Complete Auto Repair, be safe & Healthy